Importing your podcast(s)

Let us start by telling you how excited we are to have you on board! 🎉

At podhustlr we want to make this process as pain-free as possible and that's why we are currently en route of teaming up with some of the largest streaming services in the world so that distributing your podcast across the internet is just one click away.

But, due to the increasing amount of bureaucracy that these companies deal with, this process is extremely slow.

To alleviate this problem we are encouraging you to read this tutorial so that you can learn how to import your podcast to Podhustlr and let Spotify and Apple Podcasts about your recent change.

Importing your podcast to Podhustlr #

We currently allow users of our paid plans to import their podcasts to Podhustlr. For free users this is not an option at the moment.

There are two way to import your podcast to Podhustlr. You can either use:

Using the registration wizard #

When you sign-up for a new account with Podhustlr, we ask you to fill some details about your podcasting experience and allow you to create a new podcast or import (an) existing one(s).

You will be asked whether you are a new or returning podcaster. If you want to import your podcast(s) during the registration phase, you have to select the "No" option.

Then, you can either copy and paste your old RSS feed link (your previous podcasting provider should be able to provide it to you) or you can upload a CSV file that contains the links of all your podcast RSS feed links and we will do the rest.

Depending on the number of podcasts you want to import this may take a while. Even if you close your browser the import will continue in the background, but we highly recommend to keep it open.

Using the in-app wizard #

If you prefer to explore the Podhustlr interface, taking advantage of your 30 days free trial, you can use the in-app wizard to import (a) podcast(s) whenever you feel comfortable.

While you are in any page of the Podhustlr app, click the plus sign in the top right corner.

You can then upload a CSV file containing all the podcast RSS feed links from your previous provider or paste a single one. Either way, we will take care of the rest.

When the process finishes, your podcast media files and information will be in your Podhustlr account!

Informing streaming platforms about the change #

After you've successfuly imported your podcast(s) to Podhustlr, you can inform the streaming platforms about your podcast's new location by following our distribution guide.

Also, it is highly recommended that you check out your previous provider's guide on updating your podcast RSS feed location. They will usually be able to guide you through the process.

If you encounter any trouble during the importing process we highly encourage you to reach out to us at or on our Discord server.


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