Creating a podcast with Podhustlr

Hello podcasters! This is Christos, the founder of Podhustlr (@pcnoic)! When I first decided to start my own podcast, I quickly got overwhelmed with the complexity of the podcasting solutions that exist out there. Most of them, have an intricate onboarding process, weird terms, and conditions regarding storage, or severe feature limitations that force creators to immediately start spending precious dollars. That is nuts! Most podcasters I met, have no idea whether podcasting is something that suits them as a creative means of expression from day one.

There are multiple steps involved into the production of a podcast episode:

Producing a podcast with Podhustlr aligns with this linear path but aspiring to simplify every step along the way, letting creators be present in the creative process without polluting the experience with bureaucracy and complex and technical labor.

Registering for an account #

The first thing a podcaster has to do to create a podcast with Podhustlr is register for an account in our platform. Visit our website at and press "Start podcasting!".

The next step is clicking the "Sign up!" button in the lower part of the login card. Or, you can login provided you created an account previously.

You made it to the registration page. Now, you can either use an email and password combination to create an account or sign up using your Google account.

Completing the wizard #

After you've successfully created an account you will be redirected to the onboarding wizard. We created this wizard to allow both beginner and veteran podcasters to have a smooth experience when creating a new podcast or bringing over their entire podcast catalog to Podhustlr. Fill in the wizard by following the step by step guide and you should be ready to start building or scaling your podcast.

Creating your (first) episode #

Congrats! You have successfully created a new podcast or migrated your entire catalog to Podhustlr. We are very happy to have you onboard! Creating your first or the next episode of your podcast is extremely simple. Navigate to the left drawer and find the "Episodes" option under "Podcast".

Fill in the details, press "Create" and voila! You have successfully published the first or next episode of your podcast.

We are more than happy to assist you in your podcasting journey. Hit us with an email at or rant directly to our CEO for anything that you didn't like or would like to improve:

We wish you the very best. Have fun and good luck!


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